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Website Audit

Most SEO consultants will generate an automated report. We will provide an in-depth analysis about your current content, technical configuration, and off-site factors that may impact your sites performance.

Improve Traffic

Is your current website set up to target keywords that are going to convert? Most small businesses do not target keywords that produce the type of traffic that will spend money. Let us change that.

Increase Rankings

Your website may be been build to be attractive to users, however, it may not be attractive to search engines. We will improve rankings for your main keywords and identify new keywords to increase traffic.

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Tired of over-spending on your marketing? Contact me and we can plan a way to increase your brand awareness, leads, and ROI.

How I Will Help Improve Your Rankings

  • Keyword Research

    We will work together to identify current practice area keywords, along with new opportunities that will bring more sales, leads, and exposure for your business.

  • Build Niche Related Backlinks

    Links from other websites are a vital aspect of good SEO. We will work to build the best types of back links to improve your sites performance.

  • Google My Business Audit

    Most small businesses depend on the performance of their Google My Business profile. Let us improve your profile.

  • Competitive Analysis

    We review your competitors to find what is working in your marketplace. After, we create a marketing strategy that will compete with your local competition.

  • Website Architecture Audit

    The way your site is structured is one of the fundimental pieces of SEO. Let us review your site structure to make sure it is set up correctly!

  • Optimize Current Content

    We will review your current content and optimize it for keywords that will target a large volume of people and convert them to customers.

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